Nungesser – International Food Trader with Tradition

As one of the oldest active trading companies in the sector, Nungesser has a remarkable network of national and international business relationships literally grown in centuries. Even our intercontinental business relations go way back to the year 1875. We have a commitment to tradition which gives security to our customers. Because long lasting supplier relationships and certified quality belong together and are mutually dependent. For this reason, our customers can rely on a trading network with certified, respectively audited suppliers as well as on market and product knowledge which is grown for generations. Our trading portfolio covers the following commodities from bakery seeds, dried fruits, nuts as well as organic raw materials.

In order to ensure an efficient risk management and smooth processing, all transactions are handled by our Swiss parent company KM Commodities AG. That means KM Commodities AG in Switzerland is contract parties for all business.

«Nungesser sinde 1775» is a registered Trademark of KM Commodities and a part of KMC Group.