As a globally operating company, the KMC Group offers its customers everything that a modern sourcing house has to offer. Under our roof we source commodities for food (Nungesser) and animal feed (KM Commodities). Our top company maxim is delivery and contract security, even in turbulent times.

We increase reliability in the sustainable sourcing of healthy and tasty ingredients along the entire value chain from grower to customer.

We use five strong ingredients to make sure of that:

  1. Contract security – lasting reliability thanks to Swiss and Western European contacts and jurisdiction
  2. On time – reliability and flexibility thanks to strong logistics
  3. Transparency – complete traceability and compliance with the highest standards
  4. Taking responsibility – sustainability and social commitment
  5. Value for money – predictability thanks to concentration on the origin

We source bakery seeds, nuts and related specialities. From the source directly to our customers. Conventional or organic.

Nungesser is one of the oldest still active trademarks in the world. Tradition that is committed and that gives our customers security. Nungesser is a registered trademark of KM Commodities AG (KMC Group).

KM Commodities

We source feed commodities and additives. We are one of the leading traders in Switzerland. Our broad product range extends from classic feed commodities such as grains and proteins to additives and specialities (amino acids, minerals, crude fibre carriers, limes, etc.). With our certification according to the “Q+S – Quality and Safety” standard, we also easily meet the requirements in Germany and Europe. You too can benefit from our global networks.

We source feed commodities from organic and conventional cultivation. Our own quality management constantly checks the quality of our products so that we can guarantee reliable and safe products. We work for and with our global partners within a very flexible purchasing, logistics and sales organisation that can work and react very quickly and efficiently.

As a link between global producers and our customers and processors, we see it as our task to meet the constantly growing demands of the market on the one hand and environmentally compatible and sustainable agriculture on the other.