Wir erhöhen die Zuverlässigkeit in der Beschaffung von Futtermittel, Getreiden und Ölen entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette vom Anbauer bis zum Kunden.

Vom Ursprung direkt zu unseren Kunden. Dabei haben wir die gesamte Beschaffungskette im Griff: Beschaffung im Ursprung, Qualitäts- und Nachhaltigkeitsmanagement, Logistik.

Lasting reliability thanks to Swiss and Western European contacts and jurisdiction

Reliability is our most important principle. Nungesser guarantees Swiss understanding of quality and service. Our specialists work locally from our headquarters in Switzerland or from our branches in Europe, in Swiss or European jurisdictions, with global reach.

Thanks to this reliability, we significantly improve the sourcing of grains, proteins, additives and other specialities. Along the entire value chain, from grower to consumer. And at the same time preserve our planet for future generations.

We thus offer you comprehensive contract security: with us you get the right product in the right quality and quantity at the right time in the right place.

And if, contrary to all precautions, challenges arise, we solve them to the complete satisfaction of our customers.

For lasting reliability.

Reliability and flexibility thanks to strong logistics

Whether it’s quality, quantity or timing: our customers rely on precise deliveries so that our ingredients can be processed into healthy and tasty products.

Thanks to partnerships with reliable transport companies and years of experience in worldwide sourcing, our specialized logistics and execution team always has tailor-made solutions ready.

We can react quickly, easily and flexibly to unforeseen changes in the production process on the part of our customers. Our storage capacities in Europe allow us to build up an interim storage facility at short notice as well as to call off a different quantity. We do everything in our power to ensure that our ingredients reach you on time.

For reliable adherence to schedules.

Predictability thanks to concentration on the origin

We maintain long-term and sustainable partnerships with suppliers from all over the world. We place above-average demands on quality and availability. Thanks to proven and reliable relationships, we can often even combine this with country-exclusive offers. And we have access to valuable niche knowledge.

In addition, we have state-of-the-art processing and finishing facilities, which are often developed and commissioned in close cooperation with Nungesser. We can therefore implement special customer requirements quickly and flexibly.

All products from conventional as well as organic cultivation meet the high demands of customers and agriculture alike. The result is high-quality ingredients without compromise. Consistent and predictable.

Thanks to our strong partnerships at the origin, we can offer our customers surprisingly attractive prices. Slightly higher than directly from the origin, but combined with a multiple of experience, care and service.

For predictable money for value.

Sustainability and social commitment

We ensure compliance with our high social standards by means of our own Code of Conduct. This is based on the proven BSCI criteria and extends them selectively. As a minimum requirement, our Code of Conduct must be signed and observed by all suppliers – both conventional and organic processors. We check compliance by means of on-site audits.

In this way, we strive for the greatest possible responsibility towards customers, employees, suppliers, society and the environment.

For a sustainable world worth living in.