Nungesser offers you high-quality organic sesame in certified Bio Suisse quality with 99.95% purity thanks to state-of-the-art steam sterilisation. Without pesticide residues and without salmonella, reliable and on time for your production.
Current challenges for buyers
Many producers worldwide are struggling with contamination, as confirmed by the food safety portal “RASFF” of the European Union. The main problems with nuts and seeds are salmonella, but also aflatoxins, pesticide residues and ecoli. Buyers are accordingly uncertain about the quality and delivery guarantee of their orders.
Buyers are at the right address with us
We have a first-class production facility in Uganda with BRC certification and state-of-the-art facilities. We use a worldwide unique setup: on site in Uganda, steam sterilisation plants are state-of-the-art from a European quality manufacturer. This reduces microbiological values and combats salmonella.